Friday, June 11, 2004

June 11, 2004 -- A Day to Remember...

As I received a call from my boss, late this afternoon, I, for a moment thought I was being called on the carpet. However M and C gave me the good news of a great ascent in the pecking order to that of a LSE. I was totally caught by surprise and it only rose to a crescendo when I was told that the Review Committee had decided on a consensus. Love, affection, and bonhomie is always in the air as I started receiving lots of plaudits and was elated and humbled by those pleasantries. I thanked my good Lord as I fully ascribe this feat to His benevolence and His will. Today was a day of dancing for me, personally, even as the nation was mourning over the funeral of former President Ronald Reagan.

During moments of personal success, I always start to ponder more about how others' contributions may have helped me stand where I am and how it may have often been impossible to let such people know how grateful I am for that. The friend who keeps you in his prayers; the loved-ones across the globe who wish you nothing but good; the person in the adjacent cube who would have contributed in busting a leviathan; the boss who would have placed me right on an interesting mission; the secretary who would have lessened my burden with mundane office chores; or even that peer who would have just mustered enough tolerance to put up with me :-) In any case, my success is not mine alone. As a human-being, I belong to this world and am being continuously shaped and chiseled by events and people all around me. While personal responsibility, accountability, integrity, ethics, audacity, punctiliousness, etc., of a person is of paramount importance in determining his success, it is a irrefutable fact, that several unrecognized persons have a definite say in shaping that success, however insignificant their contribution may seem from the exterior. In the process of an ascent towards a pinnacle of personal success, such faceless peoples' contributions serve as a catalyst, for sure. My success is not fulfilled, if I do not personally acknowledge those from whom I learn directly or indirectly through their words spoken and unspoken. And to all of them, I say, "Thanks and God bless."

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