Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Maxim # 32: கடிவது மற -- Refrain from harsh words.

ஆத்திச்சூடி # 32: டிவது மற (ka-di-va-thu ma-Ra)

Translation: Refrain from harsh words.

Rumination: "கடிவது" means "using harsh words and "மற" means "forget." So this maxim exhorts one to refrain from using harsh words. Auvaiyar's exhortation to "forget" underscores the pragmatism behind this habit which has crept into our everyday lives. We feel momentarily powerful when we substitute dysphemism for euphemism. However, harsh words always leave an indelible scar on us, our relationships, and our opponents. Very often we realize much later in life that we could have exercised restraint. Using harsh words proves the vulnerability within us. The fear within us and our impotence often explodes as harsh words on others. Refraining from harsh words will be a big favor not to others, but to us primarily. We all have that as our weapon to wreak a surprise attack on basically anybody and it is this propensity that Auvaiyar wants to ablate once and for all. It is difficult, but then it can be an exercise worth considering. We must not forget to forget using harsh words and that is an uphill task.

Quotes: " Try in thine own experience, each; that ye speak not for one whole day unkindly of any; that ye say not a harsh word to any, about any; and see what [such] a day would bring to you…" -- Edgar Cayce Reading.


Asha G said...

why have u stopped at #32?? I was following the whole series so faithfully....... please do continue!! I dont know it others appreciate what you're doing for tamil, but i definitely do.... Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

if u have stopped i dont know why..

Chris said...

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