Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you, Embassy of India, Washington DC

Quite an amount of gripe has been spent on the bungling of Indian Missions abroad, that even the inner-circles in Delhi started to wonder, how best to serve Indians living abroad.

But, the Embassy of India in Washington DC, did come to the rescue of my friend yesterday, within just a few hours.

My friend -- an Indian citizen -- completely forgot to notice that his Indian passport had expired, on his way to the airport on Friday. He could not board the flight and just sent his son and wife to India, while staying back to renew his passport at the Indian Embassy in Washington DC.

On Monday, July 30th, he went to the Embassy of India in Massachusetts Ave in Washington DC. The Consular staff not only got his Passport renewed within a few hours on the same day, but, seemed to be very sympathetic and understanding of his plight.

While he was very concerned as to how long the whole affair would take, the Indian Embassy not only helped him, but, certainly played a Good Samaritan role as he left to India today, July 31st!

While I had been slightly critical on some of the bollix-ups before, I will be certainly remiss, if I fail to acknowledge this wonderful example of administrative efficiency on the part of the Indian Embassy in the Nation's capital.

Kudos, Embassy of India for putting a smile into one of your compatriot's family.

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