Thursday, August 15, 2013

"I will have a Son like my Father."

Little girls, have bigger hearts. Their innocence and pristine thoughts are a thing of beauty.

Today, my 6-year old daughter narrated a story to me. From the description of it, it was clear she was narrating the story of greedy Midas, who was accursed with a blessing to turn everything into gold.

After this vivacious little-angel, finished the story, I asked her:

"Sweety, when you become big, what will you ask for? What would you wish for? Will you ask for gold? Mercedes? Houses? Money? Things?"

"No Appa!"


"I'll ask for a nice'll ask for a nice son."

With a curious face, I asked,  "?? Nice son?"

"Yes, Appa! Nice son, just like my Appa!"

I was obviously moved and didn't know what to say next. So, I asked,

"But, why? Why like Appa?"

"Because my Appa loves his child very much. If my son is like my Appa, he will love and take care of his children very much too."

What a logic and lofty thought! When a child's innocence commingles with its own sense of fair logic, the outcome is always almost one of spotless beauty: Immaculate.

For a moment, I didn't know what to say. A flood of emotions just engulfed me - just the same as when this little one was born.


Murali Iyer said...

great story !

Rex Arul said...

@Murali Iyer -- Thank you :)

ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

Nice, dad's are indeed gifted with daughters - just because of this!