Sunday, November 03, 2013

An Usher's Judgement

I was late for mass, this evening. First Reading was already over and the responsorial psalm was on. As usual, I was perusing the missal reading from my iPhone. The usher, who was a few feet away, came closer with a stern susurrus: Sir, could you please turn off your phone? 

I looked into his eye and spoke with a gentle susurration: But, am following the Missal on my iPhone. 

Not expecting that, he seemed to be taken aback by his presumptuous judgment. He then left with a softer susurrus: Oh OK.. am sorry.

It is true, many are not that concerned about social etiquette, when it comes to using cellphones in public. So, this gentleman could have presumed that to be the case here.

However, he was wrong in his judgment.

This simple incident did not annoy or irritate me. Rather, it made me contemplate. It made me question myself, what would I have done in a similar circumstance, with the roles being reversed.

Human foibles make us more -- not less -- human!

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