Monday, January 31, 2005

Maxim # 18: இடம்பட வீடெடேல் -- Build a house without encroachment.

ஆத்திச்சூடி # 18: டம்பட வீடெடேல் (e-dum-pa-duh vEE-de-dAyl)

Translation: Build a house without encroachment.

Rumination: The term "இடம்பட" means "without encroaching on extra space" and "வீடெடேல்" means "never erect a house." Therefore this maxim lays down moderation as a fundamental criterion while erecting houses. At least in India, I have observed the tendency to use every available inch of space that inevitably enroaches upon a neighbor's property. Many disputes have risen thereof, often resulting in vigilante justice or as law suits in the already overburdened courts. Building a house with less floor-space to provide additional room for gardening is not an attractive proposition anymore. Population explosion has made it almost impossible to afford independent housing in India. However, states like Kerala offer hope. Although the population density is pretty high, Keralites tend to appreciate nature and have an innate predilection to grow trees within their compounds. They do not use every inch of floor space to erect their houses. Apart from exhorting moderation, this maxim also implies the indirect physical and mental health benefits arising out of building a simple house without encroaching every available inch of space.

For a man's house is his castle, and each man's home is his safest refuge -- Edward Coke.

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